Here at we never ask for you to pay us, all payments are made directly to the strip club once you arrive. Please feel free to browse the strip club packages we provide below. If you have any questions or concerns, simply call us anytime at 702-344-0021. Cheers!

Sapphire The Double Trouble Package

The Double Trouble$75

SapphireTwo bottles to your VIP table on the main floor, along with meeting the featured entertainer and free limo pickup. Meet & Greet with Featured Entertainer 2 Premium bottles with mixers &am ...

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Divorce or Midlife Crisis Party Package

Divorce / Midlife Crisis Party$77

SapphireHave a blast in Las Vegas with Sapphire's Divorce or Midlife Crisis party package. 1 Premium bottle with mixers & Red Bull Pay at the Club $500 Pay Online $385 and Save $115 Complimenta ...

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Little Darlings Couples Package

Couples Package$89

Little DarlingsEnjoy Little Darlings with your significant other, with a stage roast and pictures with the Strippers. • Admission & Entertainment Fee for 2 people• VIP booth• Free ride ...

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Sapphire Rockstar Package

Rockstar Status$99

SapphireEnjoy Sapphire Las Vegas like a Rockstar, with 3 bottles and you even access to the rockstar lounge above center stage. Meet & Greet with Featured Entertainer 3 Premium bottles with mixer ...

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Sapphire Open Bar package

Open Bar & Featured Girls$135

SapphireEnjoy all you can drink with an open bar at Sapphire Las Vegas, also includes the company of featured entertainers for $135 per guest. Meet & Greet with Featured Entertainer 2 Hour OPEN B ...

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Little Darlings Silver Package

Silver Package$169

Little DarlingsHave a blast at Little Darlings with the Silver Package, Champagne with a stage roast and pictures. • Admission & Entertainment Fee for up to 5 people• VIP booth• Free ride to ...

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Two of a kind strip club package

Two of a kind$170

PalominoEnjoy the Palomino all nude strip club in style, two of a kind package is perfect for couples. Bottle of Champagne or 1 half bottle of liquor Comes With Complimentary Pitcher of Beer If Desir ...

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Crazy Love Package

Crazy Love$329

Crazy Horse IIISpark some Crazy love with this package, it even comes with strawberries and whipped cream. Premium Transportation to CH3 VIP Front of Line Entry ($60 Value) No Admission Charge ($40 Value E ...

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Getting Crazy strip club bottle service package

Getting Crazy$329

Crazy Horse IIIGet crazy and have a blast with this Crazy Horse III VIP bottle package deal. Premium Transportation to CH3 VIP Front of Line Entry ($60 Value) No Admission Charge ($40 Value Each) Main Roo ...

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Little Darlings Gold Package

Gold Package$349

Little DarlingsEnjoy giving the guest of honor a stage roast and pictures with our sexy strippers with this Little Darlings package. • Admission & Entertainment Fee for up to 10 people• VIP Booth ...

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Best of both worlds package from Palomino

Best of both worlds$350

PalominoThe best deal for the money at Palomino is for sure the best of both worlds package, you can enjoy beer and liquor. Full bottle of Grey Goose Mixers included 2 pitchers of beer Premier seat ...

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Little Darlings Platinum Package

Platinum Package$559

Little DarlingsHave a blast with the biggest package Little Darlings offers, the Platinum Package is great for large groups. • Admission & Entertainment Fee for up to 20 people• VIP Booth&bu ...

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Big Ass Bucket of Booze package

Big Ass Bucket of Booze$599

PalominoHave a blast at the Palomino with a big ass bucket of booze package, with 5 half bottles and mixers included. Combination of 5 half bottles Mixers included Premier seating VIP line pass Pa ...

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Too Crazy Bottle Service

Too Crazy$649

Crazy Horse IIIGet too crazy with this 2 bottle service package and mixers for groups, plus VIP access and seating in the strip club. Premium Transportation to CH3 VIP Front of Line Entry ($80 Value) No Ad ...

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The three horses strip club package

The three horses$899

Crazy Horse IIIEnjoy main room VIP seating with 3 bottles and mixers, group strip club package for high rollers. Premium Transportation to CH3 VIP Front of Line Entry ($80 Value) No Admission Charge ($40 V ...

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King of clubs package

King of clubs$999

PalominoBe the king of Palomino with the King of clubs package, 3 full bottles and mixers with any seating in the strip club. 3 full bottles Mixers included 2 pitchers of beer Choice of any availab ...

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All of our partnering Las Vegas Strip Clubs offer an amazing experience and a front row seat to party with some of the hottest girls in the world at some of the best venues in the country. We guarantee our guests will have a fantastic time no matter what option they choose, however some guests prefer the best seats and a VIP experience.

The question of whether bottle service is really worth it at a Vegas strip club comes up a lot. The simple answer is it is a matter of preference. It is certainly true that buying bottle service and a table has many advantages over individual drinks and fending for a seat. When you purchase bottle service or one of the club’s packages you are guaranteed a great seat or VIP booth, a dedicated waitress, mixers of your choosing, and hell the club even throws some booze in with the deal. In our opinion the main advantage to buying bottle service is the seating. Clubs get crowded and often finding a seat is difficult. If you're flying solo this shouldn’t pose a huge problem and who drinks a bottle by them self anyway? If you have a group of three or more purchasing a package or bottle service is a great option. The more people in your party the more bottle service makes sense. Packages and bottle service are basically a numbers game that operates under a few simple rules.

  • The more people you have in your group the less likely you will be able to find a seat together at the club without purchasing a package or bottle service. Three or four guys, good luck. A party of five or more and you will at the least have to give a nice tip to a floor host. Parties of 10 or more, no package no bottle service, and you will not be sitting together.
  • Do the math. The more people you have in your group, the more sense buying a package or bottle service makes. Most packages for groups of four or more work out to about $100 per person.
  • Drinks at the strip club are not cheap. Vegas strip clubs are not your local watering hole, be prepared for some sticker shock. Twenty dollars for a premium drink is not uncommon. How many drinks do you plan on having? If the answer is four or more you will actually save money by buying a bottle.
  • Strippers love to drink. Be prepared to buy the entertainer of your choice a drink or two. Strippers are there to make money, it's not a double dutch date. Believe us when we say strippers do not pay for drinks. They will however hang out at your table and help you drink a bottle even without being paid for their time. It's a bargaining chip, they can hang out and have a drink before you start handing over $20’s.
  • You will get a great seat. Clubs are all essentially the same. At strip clubs and nightclubs the best seats in the house are reserved for bottle service.
  • Live a little. Bottle service and club packages provide an overall better experience for guests. How often are you at a Vegas strip club? Spend some money, treat yourself, and have a good time.

At Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs, we work with the top strip clubs in Las Vegas. The clubs in our best list all have various packages and bottle service deals. Although we find some to be a slightly better deal than others the average is $400 to $500 for a group of five people. For larger groups the general rule of thumb is about $100 per person. For those guests simply looking to club hop or just scope the place out, the two drink minimum is a great option and guests have a fantastic time. For larger groups, bachelor parties, or guests looking to dig in and have a great seat for the night, strip club packages are the way to go.