Hustler Club Topless (full bar)

6007 Dean Martin Dr, ,

Inside Larry Flynts Hustler Club
Strip club information
  • Last Updated : April 14, 2016
  • clubtype : Topless
  • music : yes
  • alcohol : Yes
  • size : 70k square feet on 3 levels
  • entertainers : 100 - 200
  • transportation : House transportation available to the club
  • payments : Cash & Credit Cards
  • hours : 4pm - 9am
  • food : No
  • cover : 2 Drink Minimum $35
  • parking : Yes
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Larry Flynts Las Vegas Hustler Hollywood club might be best described as what a 13 year old boy envisions a strip club is like before he has ever been to one.  Hustler is a three level club with bawdy outrageous decor and goes from what we gather goes out of its way to put the fun back into the strip club game.  The main floor is anchored by two bars double D at the east and sexy bar at the west end with main stage stationed directly in the center.  The club boasts the tallest stage pole in the city that spans floor to ceiling.  On the second floor guests will find the VIP bar, three sky boxes, and eleven honey suites for private dances.  If you have made it this far, venturing to the third level is worth the walk.  The third floor used to be an open roof sky lounge, but has since been remodeled into a covered nightclub space.  At the very back of the first floor there is a Male review room featuring the “Kings of Hustler” complete with its own bar and VIP seating.  Adjacent to the entrance is the Hustler Hollywood adult boutique with the motto “ sex is free we sell the accessories”.  With all that going on Hustler is a venue with something for everyone.  

When it comes to the entertainers the call Hustler Hollywood home there is a lot of variety.  As with any large scale strip club in Vegas all the ethnicities are represented and overall the girls are beautiful.  Hustler sees its share of 9’s and 10’s however there are some 4’s and 5’s peppered in the mix.  If you're seeking a party atmosphere Hustler certainly has the party, all you have to do is show up and enjoy it.


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