Deja Vu Showgirls Topless (full bar)

3247 Sammy Davis Jr Dr., ,

Inside Deja Vu Showgirls
Strip club information
  • Last Updated : April 14, 2016
  • clubtype : Topless
  • music : yes
  • alcohol : Yes
  • size : 15k square feet on one level
  • entertainers : 50 - 100
  • transportation : House transportation available to the club
  • payments : Cash & Credit Cards
  • hours : 7pm - 6am
  • food : No
  • cover : 2 Drink Minimum $35
  • parking : Yes
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Located right in the heart of strip club ally a stone's throw away from Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire, and the Las Vegas Strip; DejaVu Showgirls has more to offer than a great location.  The single story club used to be an all nude, juice bar venue back in the day.  The staff at Las Vegas Strip Clubs liked it much more when it was all nude.  That said for better or worse the owners decided to make the conversion to a topless club with a full bar several years back.  For anyone familiar with the Las Vegas strip club market, it is well known that the topless with a full bar is an extremely competitive category.  Although DejaVu Showgirls now finds itself squarely in this topless with liquor category it is not of the same caliber as most Vegas topless clubs.  It does not try to be.  Instead of aiming for opulence, hyper-luxury, and high prices DejaVu positions itself as a club for the working man.  One of the refreshing aspects of the club are its reasonable if not downright cheap drink prices.  Infact it is the only strip club venue on our list that offers bottles at under $100.  DejaVu is also well known for its drink specials.  Each night they are running a different special.  The club has an old school feel and definitely exudes the tapestries of a DejaVu chain club.  For those unfamiliar the DejaVu chain has over 100 clubs nationwide and is in every major market.  Although Showgirls does not have the Vegas wow factor most tourists seek in the city of sin, it is a good time.  The entertainers and staff are friendly, not overly pushy, and a club guest can have a great time without having to take on a second mortgage.  DejaVu is hands down the best club in the city for those guests looking to “ ball on a budget “.  To be perfectly honest, you’re not going to find the perfect 10 types on stage at DejaVu, those girls have classier stages to devote their time to.  What you will find is plenty of charming, friendly, girl-next-door types who are ready to show you a great time without breaking the bank.   


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Strip club Deja Vu Showgirls
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