Las Vegas Strip Club Reservations

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  • August 14, 2016

The Las Vegas strip club experience can start as a spontaneous spur of the moment, let’s do this decision, or a well planned premeditated outing.  At Las Vegas Strip Clubs we are all for spontaneity and a lot of great stories start something like, “ remember that time in Vegas we jumped in a cab and told the driver to take us to the dirtiest strip club in town”?  However there is a great deal of benefit and a huge difference in guest experience when a plan is formed and strip club reservations are made.  Vegas visitors who go with the ” jump in the cab and go method” immediately fall into the notorious Vegas strip club kick back jackpot.  Because the clubs give payouts, kickbacks, or bribes if you like to all cab and limo drivers; your driver is going to have a strong opinion about what club to go to and what club is best.  That opinion is based on one thing and one thing only, what club is going to pay him the most.  Pushy drives and not been taken to the club you requested is only the beginning of the many disadvantages of not making Vegas strip club reservations.  The kickback, that your opinionated and at times manic Vegas cabbie is counting on, is based on you paying the $30 to $40 cover charge.  Anytime you ride to the club in a Vegas cab or limo, that is not the strip club house limo, you can count on paying the high cover charges at the door.  Don’t get upset with the club because they don’t keep a dime.  Your cover charge and more spiff on top of that slides directly out the the club’s register and into the driver's pocket.  You can also plan on waiting in line with everybody else who arrived by cab without a reservation.  To add insult to injury, you just paid the driver for the ride to the club.  Once you get inside the club the hosts are sure to take care of everyone, but they won’t know who you are without a reservation. You can also plan on paying full price for a table and a bottle or a decent tip to the host to sit down.  Your fly by night, “ let’s do this” did get you to the club and it will probably turn into an amazing, memorable night.  That said you overpaid the whole way and didn’t get the VIP treatment you could have with a simple Las Vegas strip club reservation.  

When you book a Vegas strip club with us and make a proper Vegas strip club reservation your experience will be much better and cost far less.  With a reservation your evening starts with the house driver and club limo.  The limo service is complimentary and won’t cost you anything more than a tip for the driver.  You read right, free limo service provided by the club.  Pick up can generally be scheduled anytime during club hours and some clubs even offer round trip service.  By booking ahead of time or even booking a Vegas strip club the moment you want to go you're also going to save yourself from paying that expensive cover charge.  With a strip club reservation, you rode in the house limo, so the club does not have to payout the driver and subsequently you don’t pay a cover charge.  Because you planned ahead and made a reservation you also have an opportunity to take advantage of the package deals offered online.  If you did book a package, your table will already be set up by the time you hit the club.  Even better the staff at the club knows who you are and is already expecting you.  This puts the club staff on a first name basis with you and gives them the opportunity to treat you like a VIP.  You can kiss the general admission line away as you are seated by your host.  Have a better experience!  Make a Vegas strip club reservation, save money, and get treated like the VIP you are.