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  • July 28, 2017

Legends Room is the latest new comer and a welcome addition to the family of Las Vegas strip clubs. The club is located on Valley View, sandwiched between the Rio Hotel and Casino, China town, and the Strip. The Venue has known many strip club incarnations in the past as Velvet Lion, Strip Tease, and a few others lost in the sands of time; have all called this address home at some juncture. No matter the locations checkered and high turnover history, there are a hydra of reasons to believe that Legends Room team has the right recipe to breath new life into the venue.

Although the clubs doors are not yet open, and the finishing touches on the venue are still being completed, the Legends Room has already made history before its first lap dace has even occurred. Legends Room was the first strip club in the world to issue its own digital currency and raise capital via an ICO. If that sounds like the future, it’s because it is. To understand the Legends Room concept, it is essential to understand the rise of digital currency like Bitcoin. Without diving down the rabbit hole of technical jargon, digital currency kicked off with Bitcoin in 2009 and has been gaining speed ever since. By 2017 there are 100’s of variations of crypto currencies and a developed market place.

The Team at Legends Room had been Bitcoin enthusiasts early on and realized the tremendous synergy in marring the strip club business to the crypto currency revolution. To first raise money for the purchase and operations of the club the Legends Room team offered an ICO (initial coin offering) for their own digital token LGD. In return buyers receive LGD tokens that can both be spent as currency inside the club and accumulated for VIP membership. Anyone holding a LGD balance of 5000 tokens is considered a VIP member and has access to the “ Members Room”. In the members room VIP guests will find an envoy of adult stars like Kat Dior, Tasha Reign, and penthouse pet Kenna James. And although not mired in the nerdy technicals of he crypto currency sphere, the girls are enthusiastic about the crypto revolution. In the words of Tasha Reign “It’s an honor to be one of the new faces of the Legends Room. I am passionate about digital currency because it allows more freedom”. If the female adult stars were not enough reason to jump on a Legends Room membership the member’s room is also slated to play host to mixed martial arts stars. The MMA guys will be there to host MMA viewing parties, hang out, and share some good stories.

Outside of the Members Room, guests will find the rest of the club featuring main stage and a cranked out party atmosphere. Main stage is toward the middle of the space and behind it is the main bar over looking soon to be, fantastic views. The main room has a crypto influence as well and will feature ATM’s accepting Bitcoin and LDG.

Legends Room is an amazing addition to the Las Vegas strip club line up and one that we are excited about visiting in the near future. If the talent is as good as the tech Legend’s Room will be a match made in heaven.