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  • May 10, 2016

When out for an evening's fun in Vegas, it can be dizzying to try to choose among the many different strip clubs that the city has to offer. Trusting a cab driver is never a good idea, as they are going to take you to whatever club pays them the most. Besides going online and consulting strip club reviews in Las Vegas, just knowing what you are looking for can make it easy to choose the right club for you and your group.

Nude or Not?

The first question is whether you want a club where the dancers are fully nude or only topless. By law, fully nude clubs are not allowed to serve alcohol, while at the topless joints, the booze will flow freely as long as you have the money to spend. One notable exception is North Las Vegas's Palomino Club, which was grandfathered in to allow both full nudity and alcohol until at least 2025.

Big or Small?

Some might prefer a more intimate club like Little Darlings or Deja Vu where there's more opportunity to get to know your dancer, while there's definite appeal to a club like Sapphire, where the club is enormous and there's a girl to suit every taste. However, to make a living with so much competition, you might encounter dancers who, if you are not immediately buying a dance, will be on to the next patron in a second.

Who is In Your Group?

Bigger clubs can offer more of a sports bar atmosphere in addition to the girl, making them perfect if some members of your party are enthusiastic about the strip club experience than other members. Some, like Crazy Horse 3 and Treasures feature excellent restaurants, allowing for relaxation and conversation for some, while others enjoy the dancers. Also, skittish members might be shyer in a full nude club, so keep that in mind.