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At we connect you directly to Vegas strip clubs. This allows us to offer our clients the best deals in Sin City on cover, transportation, and club packages. Our package deals are a direct reflection of the club prices in our best of list. Unless you know someone inside the club who owes you a comp bottle, you"re simply not going to find better prices. We are not a “VIP concierge” service and do not participate in the Vegas host game. Companies that offer concierge service usually do what they say they will and do provide you with a host to walk you into the club all at highly inflated prices. For some who like the assurance of these services they add value to their club experience but for many like our clients these services are nothing more than an unnecessary layer and ultimately result in higher prices. When you save money by making a Vegas strip club reservation with us, you have more to spend at the club on drinks and dances. That"s how it should be! We invite you to browse our best Las Vegas strip clubs list and make your reservation today. Enjoy the savings and enjoy the club!

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At our mission is to connect you directly with the strip clubs. It is no secret that Las Vegas strip clubs pay kickbacks and commissions to taxi drivers, limo drivers, hotel doormen, and promoters. The exorbitant cover charges you pay at the club door ultimately finds its way into the pockets of those who bring them business. As you can imagine, in this system of kickbacks, the club that pays the most gets the most recommendations although it might not be the best club in town or the kind of club you are looking for. Our system is different! Because we connect you directly with the clubs we bypass the kickback system and pass the savings on to you. Our best strip club list is unbiased, honest and uninfluenced by what club is paying the most. By booking with our system you will receive complimentary transportation to the club, and in most cases 100% free entry. Some of our partnering clubs require you purchase two drinks up front; others let you walk right in like a VIP. There are plenty of ways to arrive at a strip club in Las Vegas and dozens of concierge services promising amazing deals but rest assured you won’t find a deal better than this.

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